Thanksgiving Dinner


One of the best holidays of the year is right around the corner. After Halloween, the month of November is filled with anticipation of the start of the busiest holiday sans of the year. Late November, when Turkey Day finally approaches, is largely considered the favorite holiday of the general public. Most people gather with their families or closest friends, cook huge meals that could feed an army, and watch the best Thanksgiving football matchups. Although it varies for everybody, this holiday and time of year usually brings upon new moods and daily feelings.

Along with the change in weather, Thanksgiving allows for short break from life for everybody to regroup for the next holiday season – one that usually entails countless searches for gifts, food, and decorations. This is the time of year where people will need to clear out decorations in their garage and employ to install brand new garage doors to start the New Year off right. Until then, let’s analyze why Thanksgiving is such an event to look forward to.

Family Time

First and foremost, Thanksgiving usually provides an opportunity for families to gather up and enjoy an entire day (or more) together. Unless you have family in the immediate area, this can be very special since it may not be so often that your entire family gets to meet up. My favorite part is definitely having everybody come over, and suspensefully awaiting their arrivals in the driveway. There’s nothing like seeing everybody all together for a day of playing, eating, and relaxing. Most importantly, we all get to catch up on each other’s lives and make sure that everybody is doing well.


The anticipation for my family to arrive isn’t the only anticipation associated with Thanksgiving. This holiday sets the mood for the upcoming ones in the winter. Once Thanksgiving is here, I know that my next favorite holiday in late December, Christmas, is right around the corner. This means a whole month of decorations, festive music, and Christmas movies. More importantly, it means that once Thanksgiving is over, there’s another chance to gather the whole family at Christmas Eve.


NFL Football game are a big tradition on Thanksgiving. Usually games will be played by the Packers, Bears, Lions, and Cowboys. For these teams, and any team lucky enough to play on Turkey Day, their fans get a special experience. Few things beat watching your team (hopefully) win while enjoying a huge meal surrounded by your loved ones.

Along with NFL games, lots of families and friends will organize Thanksgiving day pickup football games. Whether it’s tackle or two-hand touch, it’s on of the best ways to enjoy the weather and get in the festive mood. A nice game of football in the chilly weather is the bets way to work up your appetite before Thanksgiving dinner. To make matter more interesting, be sure to wear your favorite team’s jersey and start up some rivalries among the family. Added completion is only healthy for the game and will make the day more interesting! We also started working with: Online Lead Generation companies to get more business!

Overall, Thanksgiving is a great all-around holiday. It brings the family together, allows for a great meal and awesome dinner table discussions, and offers some fun sports games and events. Don’t fret when the day is over, however.; Don’t forget that this is only the very beginning of the holiday season and the busiest time of the year will be upon you soon enough!

The First Snow


Ahhhh, there’s nothing quite like the first big snow of the season. As a winter-lover, I cannot contain my excitement when I look outside and see the mass of snow that has accumulated overnight. It makes everything so much more scenic. While some prefer the liveliness of the Springtime, I think the snow offers just as much excitement.

There’s no better time to sit by the fireplace, drink hot chocolate, and what wintry movies. Through on comfortable sweats and a warm blanket and you have yourself one of the comfiest setups possible. Put on a classic movie, whether holiday themed or not, and spend the day watching and enjoying timeless classics.

To directly enjoy the snow, throw on the warmest jacket you have, some snow pants, gloves, and a hat and run outside! Th options now are unlimited. You can make a snowman, snow angels, or a snow fort. This lets you use your architectural expertise (or lack of) to see who can construct the best structure out of snow! This is so simple and works for all ages.

For those who like sports or competition in the snow, try having a massive snowball fight! Gather some of your friends and family, split the group up into teams, and take some time to make the perfect snowball. Hint: try using heavier snow to pack down a nice snowball. The heavy, wetter snow will be better than powdery snow for snowballs. Either way, round up a bunch of snowballs ahead of time and release fire when the game starts! Throw in some variations in the game and chase each other around, or pretend that you’re spies on a mission after each other. use the snowballs as your weapons and have fun with it!

If you are a skier or snowboarder, you were also likely to be very excited to see the new snow! Grab your gear, snacks, and water for the day and head up to the nearest ski resort. Once at the mountain, your day is primed to be a blast. Hit up the green runs, blue runs, and black diamonds if you’re a veteran! Some of the best snowboarding memories come from sitting on the chairlift up the mountain with my friends, scoping out the terrain and planning our strategy. If you are especially good at skiing or snowboarding, I recommend racing your friends down the mountain and throwing in a small wager. It makes a nice relaxing day on the slopes into a small competition, which can make for added fun!

Regardless of what you plan on doing on the first snowy day of the season, you’ll have a good day either way. The snow just transforms people’s moods into more relaxed, comfortable, and warm feelings. Grab some hot chocolate or hot cider and snuggle up in front of the television, or choose the more active route and play outside! Either way, you’ll en up having a good day. Enjoy the cold weather and numerous snowflakes falling all over. And try not to focus on all of the snow that you’ll have to shovel out eventually sometime that day!

Casino Night


There’s nothing quite like Casino Night in Anime. All of the characters get suited up and get ready to win some money while betting. Here’s how the night goes:

Time Period 1: Preparation

To prepare for the night of games and drinking, the characters will pick outer spiffiest and flashiest outfits they have. Everybody is competing with each other – not just in the gambling games, but in term of who looks better. That’s a competition that nobody wants to lose. They check in on the latest fashion and try to recreate their outfits based on results.

Time Period 2: Arrival

Arriving at the event is another important part. Its an unspoken rule that anime characters cannot simply roll up in a beaten down generic coupe. No, they have to have the freshest ride with a top-notch chauffeur from limo port huron. This will ensure that when they arrive at the Casino, they don’t even have to touch the door to open it. Their minds are focused on money and appearances, just as everybody else is. The limo is such a standard at this event that anything less would set you up poorly for the night. The arrival to the casino is just as important as what happens in the casino itself.

Time Period 3: Drinks

Nobody can gamble effectively on an empty stomach. First thing to do once inside the venue is to hit the bar. Men, grab your favorite beverage and start sipping – that confidence that you need at the poker table has to come from somewhere. Ladies, grab your favorite martini mix and hit the nearest card game. While you’re at it, be sure to grab some of the finger food that servers will walk around with.

Time Period 4: Gambling

Here it is. The moment you’ve been anticipating. Take a seat at your favorite betting table. Whether it’s Texas Hold’Em, Blackjack, or even the Slot machines, get in the mindset of a winner. Envision yourself with a seemingly endless amount of chips at the base of your hands. That could be you by the end of the night. All of those chips correlate to money in anime. The characters have opportunity stop walk away with the best of it.

This is very crucial: anime characters love to cheat. They live for it, in fact. At the casino, counting cards is the go-to move. That’s why the blackjack table is for professionals only. Don’t stroll in for the first time and expect big wins from playing a nice game of 21. The experts and regulars here are five steps ahead of you – and 3 numbers below you. That’s because they beat the game by tracking each card played and increase their odds of success.

At the end of the night, the anime guys and gals will look to just have good time. They can always be counted don to enjoy the night and party a little too hard. If by chance one of them comes out looking like he just robbed a bank, then he’ll buy a round for the whole bar at the next weekend event. Casino Night sone of the wonders of the anime world. To know exactly what goes down, you’ll just have to dive in and experience it.

Politics in Anime

As we discussed the King beforehand, one has to wonder, how does the King come to being King? Is he elected, is the throne passed down to him, or does it forcefully take it? The breakdown of kingship varies form place to place. It’s unique based on different anime regions, and each one goes its own way. Let’s break it down now:

Region 1

In the first region, the King is elected. This is the most democratic region and therefore usually the most fair to the people who live here. They each have their own votes and can help elect which candidate will hold the throne. It is a unique majority system, in which the candidate must receive 65% of people’s vote sin order to be named King outright. If neither candidate receives that amount, they will have a runoff and decrease the percentage needed by 5. This amount will decrease with each runoff election until a winner is rightfully declared. The term for the King in Region 1 is 7 years. This King may not run for re-election either, but enjoys the benefits of Kingship for the remainder of his life.

Region 2

The King in Region 2 has the easiest job. He simply inherits the throne from his father (or closest male relative who is in power). He may fight with his siblings as to who gets the throne an power handed down to them, but in the end, all he needs to do is sit back and stay in the current King’s good graces. If selected, he retains the Kingship until he declares that he is done with the power and authority. Tradition has been to declare the end at age 50, and then pass the power to a son or younger male relatives the King’s choice. This unspoken rule has yet to be broken – but all intakes is one greedy King to break it and hold power long than he should.

Region 3

The third and final region is the most vicious and barbaric of the three regions. This is a very old-school way of attaining power. The potential kings here will gather small armies and physically fight until a winner is declared. There are special rules to determine whose troops are in the worst shapes. Depending on how many men are running for the King spot, teams will be eliminated when depleted a certain amount. This will eventually come down to a 1 vs. 1 completion between the top two King’s and their teams. The Kings generally will remain in the back of this part of the fight, and if troops are evenly matched and depleting at similar rates, each King may agree to a duel – winner take all. The winner here is the one who walks away alive.

As there are several forms of Kingship in anime, personal preference decides which form is the most effective for choosing a ruler. Those who favor strength and courage in a leader will side with region 3. Those who value long-term tradition and experience will support Region 2. Region 1 is usually reserved for this in search of a new age and fair form of election.

Riding in Style


How do these Japanese anime characters get around? As mentioned before, some have limos and stretch limousines while others are left without them. Only the best of the best get to ride around in style and gaze down upon those below them.

In a recent anime clip, the king of the story will have his servants drive him around in an ordinary car. It worked for the humble king since he wasn’t the one doing the driving, so his social status will still elected among everybody else. This was great for a while, until one certain day in the summertime.

He was riding along the highway on his way to the throne, when a king from a neighboring anime city cruised past him – in a super stretch limo. Now the first king looked like a peasant compared to the king riding in the limousine. As any true leader would do, the king became immediately pissed and blamed his servants for the generic car that he was currently sitting in the back seat of. He demanded something flashier and more recognizable. As a result, the servants called none other than limo bloomfield hills to appease the King of his request.

This limo service cam by in no time and awarded the king with something more fit for a man of his stature. The super-stretch SUV limousine had everything a flashy rider could want. he sat several feet higher up than passersby on the road. He was extended an extra 15 feet back front he driver’s seat, with flat screen televisions and the latest sound systems lining the interior. We can’t forget about the hot tub that rested in the middle of the aisle – the ultimate sign of luxury.

Eventually, the rightful King caught up to the one who was intruding on his territory and put him in his place with style. The mere ordinary black limousine was nothing compared to the metallic grey super-stretch SUV from the palace of bloomfield hills.

Imagining this in your head gives a great image of two kings racing down the highway competing for attention and superiority. To transfer this into anime form, imagine it in a cartoonish nature. From images to actions to sound effects, anime has the best and most versatile style. The highway seemed endless, as it was just a straight road with a slight downward been that seemed to go on forever. In fact, it extends for however long it takes for the king to show that he is the one and only ruler of his territory. Once he re-attained his status, the king who was trying to overstep his authority was set in his place, and returned down the other side of the road back to his inferior village. The true anime king will have skills of the best – from style, to knowledge, to strength and power; a real anime king can influence anybody in his jurisdiction and ruling. Whipping down the highway in the beast that was the super-stretch SUV limo, marvelously covered in matte grey and humming like a bumblebee, showed the King’s true power and colors.

Japanese Animation (Anime) – Lesson 1

Ok in this first lesson on Anime I will talk a little about how it’s made, where you would usually see the character fist and general information on the social structures used in anime and other areas.

What is Japanese Animation (Anime)

Anime is a slang word for Japanese Animation, which is basically drawings on paper or by computer that are then taken and put into a computer program to make them become animated. It’s basically how they made cartoons in the old days, except now we use a lot of computers, programs and digital art to make better animations. Now that we have covered that lets continue on shall we. Where do we usually see the character in first before we see them in the anime, well that would be in Manga or Graphic Novels.

Manga/Graphic Novels

Next thing we will look at is how anime is develops from story are written by Manga or Graphic novel writers. These stories are similar to how Americans do comic books or illustration books, though they ae a bit more advanced, involved and longer. The illustrate helps people see what the story looks like, how the story line was developed and helps with the development of the characters. Below is one part of a character concept that most writers have to decide first before they can come up with other ideas for their story (or at least this is one main area I start with when I decide I might write a story).

Anime Character Concept

In most stories you will also see the difference in social structure and wealth when reading manga or graphic novels or watch anime. This is how things where written in the old days as well and has just been modified to fit todays standard and society. The different genders, sexual orientations and social statuses in some anime are listed below. All social statuses can be main heroes, main villains or secondary main characters, depending on how their roles where written.

Main Character’s Gender and Sexual Orientation:

You must first decide if you will make your main character a male or female. Also is you main character going to be straight, bio or lesbian/gay. This is a very important step as it will help you to better develop the story. Next you will have to decide what social structure your main character will be from.

Social Statuses:

Rich: These are the people that have the huge houses, loads of servants and usually have a limo service you see driving their children or other characters around in. These character are usually in “the most elite private school”, best clothes and usually looks down on all other classes below them. They may even “play” with the other classes if they are “board” and have nothing better to do.

Upper Class: These are the people that have big houses, but not as many servants and no limo service, though they still might have a private driver though. These character are usually in most upper-class private school, better clothes (at least better than the middle and lower class). They too usually looks down on the middle and lower classes like the rich do, but at the same time will do everything they can to be accepted by the “rich”. This usually means they will become henchman or something similar to the rich. They may even “play” with the lower classes if they are told to or if they are “board” and have nothing better to do.

Middle Class: These are the people usually in normal schools with the lower class. This one has a normal family sized (by American standard) type of house. They wear normal cloths and do not have servants or cars to that drive them places. They are usually portrait as having bicycles though. These along with the lower class are usually your “dreamers”, dreaming of a better life or something they have to work hard for. They are usually kind to the lower class as well as to most upper and rich classes.

Lower Class: Are portrayed as a small family living in a 1-2 room apartment or run-down looking home, they are usually trying to make end meet and the child is usually working or pitching into making sure the house runs better. They are also usually portrayed as having either one parent or both parents deceased due to illness or accidents. These characters are what you call “the underdogs” and are usually more willing to sacrifice themselves for family and/or friends. They get along well with the middles class and is a 50/50 with the upper class, but usually do not care for the rich class. This is because they view the upper and rich classes as never knowing a hard days’ worth of work.


These three things is just one part of developing a good story line to turn into a Manga or Graphic Novel, then hopefully into an anime if the story is popular enough. We will be covering other parts t a story line in other “lessons” I will be writing.

Japanese Language – Lesson 1

Alright in this blog we will be talking about exactly what the title says, some about Japanese culture. The first thing we will cover in this blog is a little bit about simple language. I will write a few words on this topic and then give a few simple to learn words for people to learn that is commonly used. So let begin with the “lesson”.


I know this is where a lot of people get messed up at and many of you think that you have to know the Japanese language in order to go to Japan and get around. Well this is only half true to be honest. The Japanese people are very helpful, but are even more so if you are able to say some Japanese word. They know that the language is hard to learn for foreigner and so are very happy when a foreigner does try to at least learn and speak Japanese. If you can say a few words then they will be more willing to help you then if you do not. It’s a matter of honor and by speaking some Japanese you are honoring them, even if it does not feel like it to you. Now here is a few words and what they mean in English. I have been taught these words and they are very common when learning Japanese as well. Also of these words you have also heard in Anime and Manga (which we will talk more about later on)

Most Commonly used Word

Kon-nichiwa means hello and good afternoon. This is a simple and normal greeting when you first meeting with someone for the first rime that day or in the afternoon. It is also a way of answer the phone (at least I say it when I answer the phone sometimes). It’s like when we say hi or hello to someone we see or when we answer the phone. Also when we say good afternoon to someone, though I do not use this (afternoon) part much in English honestly.

Hai means yes. So if you are answering a question with a yes you would say this word.

lie mean no. So if you are answering a question with a no you would say this word.

Arigato means thank you. It is common to use this after being served or when you have gotten information you where requesting from someone. It shows that you are respecting them for taking time out of their schedule to help you.

Sayounara means goodbye. This is a typical word used when you are parting ways from visiting or about to hang up the phone once you are done talking.

Douzo means please. You usually use this when asking a question, such as “can you please help me?” Also when asking for something like. Just use it when you would normally use it in when talking to someone in English.

Eigo means English. This you can use to see if someone speaks English and if they do then you can ask then if you can switch to English if you do not know a lot of Japanese. Many shopkeepers and other in hospitality will usually be happy to switch to help out potential customers or guests.


In conclusion the list of words and phrases I will be list in this “lesson” and in other “lessons” are commonly used and will also help people who plan to go to or are already going or in Japan.