About Yukarie

Hi my name is Inari, I am 22 years old, half-Japanese/half-American and a full time Voice Acting student. My goal is to eventually become a voice actress for many of the anime I watch and for many others. I want to go to Japan after I get my degree and become a voice actress there. I have only been to Japan a few times to visit family on my mother’s side there for the summer. I loved it there and plan to go back when I am able to. Besides wanting to be a voice actress, I also like to sew and draw some, though I am not very good at drawing. I have done a few anime conventions and have been an artist at a few of them in artist ally.

I have decided to create a blog since I plan to get my name out there and create a base for my writings, pictures of anime conventions, also to talk about anime and Coplay. I will be talking about a few of the different anime I am currently watching and I will also be talking some about what Cosplay is and show a few Cosplay costumes that friends have been making or seen at some of the different conventions. I will also show some of what is popular over in Japan as well.

I also plan to be talking some about the Japanese culture and some places in Japan that I have gone to when I have visited there. Also of the place are on my wish list and a few I have already gone to. I will also be using a few words from Japan and give examples of when they are use.

I do hope you enjoy my blog and continue reading as throughout its development.