Japanese Animation (Anime) – Lesson 1

Ok in this first lesson on Anime I will talk a little about how it’s made, where you would usually see the character fist and general information on the social structures used in anime and other areas.

What is Japanese Animation (Anime)

Anime is a slang word for Japanese Animation, which is basically drawings on paper or by computer that are then taken and put into a computer program to make them become animated. It’s basically how they made cartoons in the old days, except now we use a lot of computers, programs and digital art to make better animations. Now that we have covered that lets continue on shall we. Where do we usually see the character in first before we see them in the anime, well that would be in Manga or Graphic Novels.

Manga/Graphic Novels

Next thing we will look at is how anime is develops from story are written by Manga or Graphic novel writers. These stories are similar to how Americans do comic books or illustration books, though they ae a bit more advanced, involved and longer. The illustrate helps people see what the story looks like, how the story line was developed and helps with the development of the characters. Below is one part of a character concept that most writers have to decide first before they can come up with other ideas for their story (or at least this is one main area I start with when I decide I might write a story).

Anime Character Concept

In most stories you will also see the difference in social structure and wealth when reading manga or graphic novels or watch anime. This is how things where written in the old days as well and has just been modified to fit todays standard and society. The different genders, sexual orientations and social statuses in some anime are listed below. All social statuses can be main heroes, main villains or secondary main characters, depending on how their roles where written.

Main Character’s Gender and Sexual Orientation:

You must first decide if you will make your main character a male or female. Also is you main character going to be straight, bio or lesbian/gay. This is a very important step as it will help you to better develop the story. Next you will have to decide what social structure your main character will be from.

Social Statuses:

Rich: These are the people that have the huge houses, loads of servants and usually have a limo service you see driving their children or other characters around in. These character are usually in “the most elite private school”, best clothes and usually looks down on all other classes below them. They may even “play” with the other classes if they are “board” and have nothing better to do.

Upper Class: These are the people that have big houses, but not as many servants and no limo service, though they still might have a private driver though. These character are usually in most upper-class private school, better clothes (at least better than the middle and lower class). They too usually looks down on the middle and lower classes like the rich do, but at the same time will do everything they can to be accepted by the “rich”. This usually means they will become henchman or something similar to the rich. They may even “play” with the lower classes if they are told to or if they are “board” and have nothing better to do.

Middle Class: These are the people usually in normal schools with the lower class. This one has a normal family sized (by American standard) type of house. They wear normal cloths and do not have servants or cars to that drive them places. They are usually portrait as having bicycles though. These along with the lower class are usually your “dreamers”, dreaming of a better life or something they have to work hard for. They are usually kind to the lower class as well as to most upper and rich classes.

Lower Class: Are portrayed as a small family living in a 1-2 room apartment or run-down looking home, they are usually trying to make end meet and the child is usually working or pitching into making sure the house runs better. They are also usually portrayed as having either one parent or both parents deceased due to illness or accidents. These characters are what you call “the underdogs” and are usually more willing to sacrifice themselves for family and/or friends. They get along well with the middles class and is a 50/50 with the upper class, but usually do not care for the rich class. This is because they view the upper and rich classes as never knowing a hard days’ worth of work.


These three things is just one part of developing a good story line to turn into a Manga or Graphic Novel, then hopefully into an anime if the story is popular enough. We will be covering other parts t a story line in other “lessons” I will be writing.