Riding in Style


How do these Japanese anime characters get around? As mentioned before, some have limos and stretch limousines while others are left without them. Only the best of the best get to ride around in style and gaze down upon those below them.

In a recent anime clip, the king of the story will have his servants drive him around in an ordinary car. It worked for the humble king since he wasn’t the one doing the driving, so his social status will still elected among everybody else. This was great for a while, until one certain day in the summertime.

He was riding along the highway on his way to the throne, when a king from a neighboring anime city cruised past him – in a super stretch limo. Now the first king looked like a peasant compared to the king riding in the limousine. As any true leader would do, the king became immediately pissed and blamed his servants for the generic car that he was currently sitting in the back seat of. He demanded something flashier and more recognizable. As a result, the servants called none other than limo bloomfield hills to appease the King of his request.

This limo service cam by in no time and awarded the king with something more fit for a man of his stature. The super-stretch SUV limousine had everything a flashy rider could want. he sat several feet higher up than passersby on the road. He was extended an extra 15 feet back front he driver’s seat, with flat screen televisions and the latest sound systems lining the interior. We can’t forget about the hot tub that rested in the middle of the aisle – the ultimate sign of luxury.

Eventually, the rightful King caught up to the one who was intruding on his territory and put him in his place with style. The mere ordinary black limousine was nothing compared to the metallic grey super-stretch SUV from the palace of bloomfield hills.

Imagining this in your head gives a great image of two kings racing down the highway competing for attention and superiority. To transfer this into anime form, imagine it in a cartoonish nature. From images to actions to sound effects, anime has the best and most versatile style. The highway seemed endless, as it was just a straight road with a slight downward been that seemed to go on forever. In fact, it extends for however long it takes for the king to show that he is the one and only ruler of his territory. Once he re-attained his status, the king who was trying to overstep his authority was set in his place, and returned down the other side of the road back to his inferior village. The true anime king will have skills of the best – from style, to knowledge, to strength and power; a real anime king can influence anybody in his jurisdiction and ruling. Whipping down the highway in the beast that was the super-stretch SUV limo, marvelously covered in matte grey and humming like a bumblebee, showed the King’s true power and colors.