Politics in Anime

As we discussed the King beforehand, one has to wonder, how does the King come to being King? Is he elected, is the throne passed down to him, or does it forcefully take it? The breakdown of kingship varies form place to place. It’s unique based on different anime regions, and each one goes its own way. Let’s break it down now:

Region 1

In the first region, the King is elected. This is the most democratic region and therefore usually the most fair to the people who live here. They each have their own votes and can help elect which candidate will hold the throne. It is a unique majority system, in which the candidate must receive 65% of people’s vote sin order to be named King outright. If neither candidate receives that amount, they will have a runoff and decrease the percentage needed by 5. This amount will decrease with each runoff election until a winner is rightfully declared. The term for the King in Region 1 is 7 years. This King may not run for re-election either, but enjoys the benefits of Kingship for the remainder of his life.

Region 2

The King in Region 2 has the easiest job. He simply inherits the throne from his father (or closest male relative who is in power). He may fight with his siblings as to who gets the throne an power handed down to them, but in the end, all he needs to do is sit back and stay in the current King’s good graces. If selected, he retains the Kingship until he declares that he is done with the power and authority. Tradition has been to declare the end at age 50, and then pass the power to a son or younger male relatives the King’s choice. This unspoken rule has yet to be broken – but all intakes is one greedy King to break it and hold power long than he should.

Region 3

The third and final region is the most vicious and barbaric of the three regions. This is a very old-school way of attaining power. The potential kings here will gather small armies and physically fight until a winner is declared. There are special rules to determine whose troops are in the worst shapes. Depending on how many men are running for the King spot, teams will be eliminated when depleted a certain amount. This will eventually come down to a 1 vs. 1 completion between the top two King’s and their teams. The Kings generally will remain in the back of this part of the fight, and if troops are evenly matched and depleting at similar rates, each King may agree to a duel – winner take all. The winner here is the one who walks away alive.

As there are several forms of Kingship in anime, personal preference decides which form is the most effective for choosing a ruler. Those who favor strength and courage in a leader will side with region 3. Those who value long-term tradition and experience will support Region 2. Region 1 is usually reserved for this in search of a new age and fair form of election.