Casino Night


There’s nothing quite like Casino Night in Anime. All of the characters get suited up and get ready to win some money while betting. Here’s how the night goes:

Time Period 1: Preparation

To prepare for the night of games and drinking, the characters will pick outer spiffiest and flashiest outfits they have. Everybody is competing with each other – not just in the gambling games, but in term of who looks better. That’s a competition that nobody wants to lose. They check in on the latest fashion and try to recreate their outfits based on results.

Time Period 2: Arrival

Arriving at the event is another important part. Its an unspoken rule that anime characters cannot simply roll up in a beaten down generic coupe. No, they have to have the freshest ride with a top-notch chauffeur from limo port huron. This will ensure that when they arrive at the Casino, they don’t even have to touch the door to open it. Their minds are focused on money and appearances, just as everybody else is. The limo is such a standard at this event that anything less would set you up poorly for the night. The arrival to the casino is just as important as what happens in the casino itself.

Time Period 3: Drinks

Nobody can gamble effectively on an empty stomach. First thing to do once inside the venue is to hit the bar. Men, grab your favorite beverage and start sipping – that confidence that you need at the poker table┬áhas to come from somewhere. Ladies, grab your favorite martini mix and hit the nearest card game. While you’re at it, be sure to grab some of the finger food that servers will walk around with.

Time Period 4: Gambling

Here it is. The moment you’ve been anticipating. Take a seat at your favorite betting table. Whether it’s Texas Hold’Em, Blackjack, or even the Slot machines, get in the mindset of a winner. Envision yourself with a seemingly endless amount of chips at the base of your hands. That could be you by the end of the night. All of those chips correlate to money in anime. The characters have opportunity stop walk away with the best of it.

This is very crucial: anime characters love to cheat. They live for it, in fact. At the casino, counting cards is the go-to move. That’s why the blackjack table is for professionals only. Don’t stroll in for the first time and expect big wins from playing a nice game of 21. The experts and regulars here are five steps ahead of you – and 3 numbers below you. That’s because they beat the game by tracking each card played and increase their odds of success.

At the end of the night, the anime guys and gals will look to just have good time. They can always be counted don to enjoy the night and party a little too hard. If by chance one of them comes out looking like he just robbed a bank, then he’ll buy a round for the whole bar at the next weekend event. Casino Night sone of the wonders of the anime world. To know exactly what goes down, you’ll just have to dive in and experience it.