The First Snow


Ahhhh, there’s nothing quite like the first big snow of the season. As a winter-lover, I cannot contain my excitement when I look outside and see the mass of snow that has accumulated overnight. It makes everything so much more scenic. While some prefer the liveliness of the Springtime, I think the snow offers just as much excitement.

There’s no better time to sit by the fireplace, drink hot chocolate, and what wintry movies. Through on comfortable sweats and a warm blanket and you have yourself one of the comfiest setups possible. Put on a classic movie, whether holiday themed or not, and spend the day watching and enjoying timeless classics.

To directly enjoy the snow, throw on the warmest jacket you have, some snow pants, gloves, and a hat and run outside! Th options now are unlimited. You can make a snowman, snow angels, or a snow fort. This lets you use your architectural expertise (or lack of) to see who can construct the best structure out of snow! This is so simple and works for all ages.

For those who like sports or competition in the snow, try having a massive snowball fight! Gather some of your friends and family, split the group up into teams, and take some time to make the perfect snowball. Hint: try using heavier snow to pack down a nice snowball. The heavy, wetter snow will be better than powdery snow for snowballs. Either way, round up a bunch of snowballs ahead of time and release fire when the game starts! Throw in some variations in the game and chase each other around, or pretend that you’re spies on a mission after each other. use the snowballs as your weapons and have fun with it!

If you are a skier or snowboarder, you were also likely to be very excited to see the new snow! Grab your gear, snacks, and water for the day and head up to the nearest ski resort. Once at the mountain, your day is primed to be a blast. Hit up the green runs, blue runs, and black diamonds if you’re a veteran! Some of the best snowboarding memories come from sitting on the chairlift up the mountain with my friends, scoping out the terrain and planning our strategy. If you are especially good at skiing or snowboarding, I recommend racing your friends down the mountain and throwing in a small wager. It makes a nice relaxing day on the slopes into a small competition, which can make for added fun!

Regardless of what you plan on doing on the first snowy day of the season, you’ll have a good day either way. The snow just transforms people’s moods into more relaxed, comfortable, and warm feelings. Grab some hot chocolate or hot cider and snuggle up in front of the television, or choose the more active route and play outside! Either way, you’ll en up having a good day. Enjoy the cold weather and numerous snowflakes falling all over. And try not to focus on all of the snow that you’ll have to shovel out eventually sometime that day!