Thanksgiving Dinner


One of the best holidays of the year is right around the corner. After Halloween, the month of November is filled with anticipation of the start of the busiest holiday sans of the year. Late November, when Turkey Day finally approaches, is largely considered the favorite holiday of the general public. Most people gather with their families or closest friends, cook huge meals that could feed an army, and watch the best Thanksgiving football matchups. Although it varies for everybody, this holiday and time of year usually brings upon new moods and daily feelings.

Along with the change in weather, Thanksgiving allows for short break from life for everybody to regroup for the next holiday season – one that usually entails countless searches for gifts, food, and decorations. This is the time of year where people will need to clear out decorations in their garage and employ to install brand new garage doors to start the New Year off right. Until then, let’s analyze why Thanksgiving is such an event to look forward to.

Family Time

First and foremost, Thanksgiving usually provides an opportunity for families to gather up and enjoy an entire day (or more) together. Unless you have family in the immediate area, this can be very special since it may not be so often that your entire family gets to meet up. My favorite part is definitely having everybody come over, and suspensefully awaiting their arrivals in the driveway. There’s nothing like seeing everybody all together for a day of playing, eating, and relaxing. Most importantly, we all get to catch up on each other’s lives and make sure that everybody is doing well.


The anticipation for my family to arrive isn’t the only anticipation associated with Thanksgiving. This holiday sets the mood for the upcoming ones in the winter. Once Thanksgiving is here, I know that my next favorite holiday in late December, Christmas, is right around the corner. This means a whole month of decorations, festive music, and Christmas movies. More importantly, it means that once Thanksgiving is over, there’s another chance to gather the whole family at Christmas Eve.


NFL Football game are a big tradition on Thanksgiving. Usually games will be played by the Packers, Bears, Lions, and Cowboys. For these teams, and any team lucky enough to play on Turkey Day, their fans get a special experience. Few things beat watching your team (hopefully) win while enjoying a huge meal surrounded by your loved ones.

Along with NFL games, lots of families and friends will organize Thanksgiving day pickup football games. Whether it’s tackle or two-hand touch, it’s on of the best ways to enjoy the weather and get in the festive mood. A nice game of football in the chilly weather is the bets way to work up your appetite before Thanksgiving dinner. To make matter more interesting, be sure to wear your favorite team’s jersey and start up some rivalries among the family. Added completion is only healthy for the game and will make the day more interesting! We also started working with: Online Lead Generation companies to get more business!

Overall, Thanksgiving is a great all-around holiday. It brings the family together, allows for a great meal and awesome dinner table discussions, and offers some fun sports games and events. Don’t fret when the day is over, however.; Don’t forget that this is only the very beginning of the holiday season and the busiest time of the year will be upon you soon enough!